Six musicians of different backgrounds meet every week in the Portuguese city of Oporto to recreate the exciting and moving sounds of Argentinian Tango. They are PORTOTANGOEnsemble!

The group was founded by guitarist Oscar Flecha of Buenos Aires and singer Manuel Vidal of Oporto towards the end of the 1990’s. Initially joined by Jan Pipal of Czechoslovakia and Jorge Silva of Portugal on ‘cello and guitar respectively, the group consolidated its initial formation with the appearance of Briton David Lloyd on violin.

Ten years on the group lost two members and gained three; Spaniard José Parra on piano, Czech Jaroslav Mikus on ‘cello and Brazilian born and Portuguese raised Sérgio Barbosa on Double bass.

“Sin Esquinas” is the fruit of a period of intense study  by PORTOTANGO Ensemble touching on all areas of tango music. It is at once a concept, a philosophy and a recordingreflecting the group’s varied interests and passions which call on music from the Guarda Vieja through the Golden Epoch and on into and beyond the modern face of today’s tango.

“Sin Esquinas” naturally features tango dance and poetry and the musicians are often joined by Alexandra and Fernando Jorge, Graciana & Juan, Gladys & Oscar among other dancers. The poetical component features all the great tango writers from Borges to Horacio Ferrer and the music is often given impetus under the creation of original tangos by Oscar Flecha and José Parra and arrangements by Norberto Vogel, David Lloyd, Oscar Flecha and José Parra.

PORTOTANGO Ensemble are always seeking to push the boundaries of tango music and the myriad forms in which tango may be presented. In 2012, PORTOTANGO’S new show is the tangible essence of all things Tanguero; it only remains for the percipient tango lover to enjoywhat PORTOTANGO have to offer.