Soviet-era conductors
The Soviet era was generous with talents. The history of world culture includes the names of brilliant Soviet pianists, violinists, cellists, singers and, of course, conductors. At this time, formed…

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Alexander Tchaikovsky: "The composer is like an actor, he is a performer"
Artistic director of the Moscow Philharmonic, professor at the Moscow Conservatory, composer Alexander Tchaikovsky told Kultura.RF portal about the history of the Union of Composers, about the strengths and weaknesses…

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Perepetye songs Vysotsky
Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky can not be written off in the archive, although decades have passed since their appearance. For the first time they were sung so shrillly that not…

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Vyacheslav Butusov: “Recently I discovered Turgenev for myself”

Vyacheslav Butusov is not afraid to take risks. An architect by training, he realized that his real vocation is music. Then, at the peak of popularity, he disbanded a group beloved by millions and gathered a new team. Today he is preparing a new format of performances – the performance-concert “Awakened Joy”, combining classical music, songs written for rock performance, and literature. Classical music, literary works, features of writing soundtracks for cinema, a new project with a famous pianist and a dream to make an animated film Vyacheslav Butusov told Raisa Khanukaeva about classical music.

– Vyacheslav Gennadievich, people have such a peculiarity – the desire to appear more cultured. To make an impression, they say that they listen to Tchaikovsky at their leisure, but when there is no one around, they include not Tchaikovsky, but “Nautilus” …

– … and they hear the echoes of Tchaikovsky (laughs).

– Does love for rock music get along with love for classical music? Is it possible to store works of, say, Rachmaninov and Butusov in one playlist?

– Can! I have both Rachmaninov and Butusov in the music library. I just listen to Rakhmaninov, but I need Butusov for work.

– Many rock musicians today collaborate with orchestras, with classical music institutions? You are no exception. Is it fashionable now?

– There were short manifestations. They quickly swept over and became just an ornament to our concerts. Then it was fashionable to play with a symphony orchestra, we made such a presentation of the album “Wings” in Moscow.

But in general, I’m not a big supporter of the combination of a rock band and a symphony orchestra. This does not improve the sound of the band or the sound of the orchestra. The symphony orchestra should show all its power, there should not be elements of unconscious shamanism. Combine two such teams – great work. I think for this you need to write music on purpose.

– Planned would not be able to do this, I do not have a musical education. But everything happens on a subconscious level. It may take ten years, and I realize that I wrote this or that song by analogy with one of the songs of the group Led Zeppelin or The Beatles, but at the moment when I write, I do not understand. Most often it is some kind of collective image that is imprinted in our memory, and we display it in our own way.

Now we are rehearsing a new program with pianist Ekaterina Mechetina. In each of my songs, Katya finds some analogies with classical music, and in this way I am enlightened. For example, in the composition On the banks of a nameless river, she saw replicas from Rachmaninov’s Spring.

– What prompted the creation of a concert performance that you are rehearsing with a classical pianist?

– It was accepted the proposal of the leadership of the Academic Capella to make a common project and use their resources. About a year ago, I began to wrestle with what could be done from this. Until now, even I can not imagine some things that should happen on stage. On the eve we will have a general run. What we lack, we will see only at the last moment. In general, it will be very intimate, but at the same time intense action. I will reveal some secrets: for the overture, we used the organ. Such a thing as an organ, like a gun on a wall, simply cannot help but shoot.

It will be a message about the meaning of a woman in our world, which is very great. We read the diaries of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and her long-suffering sister Elizabeth. All this worried, in the text, too, all this is displayed, but behind the scenes, in the background. Music will help these short lyrics to feel more deeply and more widely.

Most importantly, there will be a grand piano performed by the brilliant pianist Catherine Mechetina. Thanks to this accompaniment, I looked at the songs that I know well, I heard a completely different music, which encourages me to perform these songs differently.

– There are people who perceive my music even deeper than myself, they will definitely come. They will be interested to hear a completely different format. And this suggests that they are inquisitive and do not stop at what is unusual for them.

– But we will hear the famous songs of “Nautilus” and “U-Peter” in this project?

– The program will include various compositions, including songs from the period of oblivion, such as “Hawk’s Wedding”, written in verse by the Hungarian poet Endre Adi. I honestly never thought that we would return to it.

Jazz Age of Oleg Lundstrem
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