What is Multi-Generational Travel, and Why is it Gaining Popularity?

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The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 put everything on hold for almost everyone, and this is not the story of just industries or businesses, but families as well. Many families had to cancel their get-togethers and reunions owing to the pandemic. With the pandemic now taking a backseat, many families are looking to reunite through travel.

Multi-generational holiday or travel: What is it?

Multi-generational travel involves people of different ages, often different generations of the same family, traveling or vacationing together. It typically involves at least three generations of a family traveling together, like grandparents, parents, and children, and in some cases great-grandparents as well. Though multi-generational travel has been around for some time, its popularity is increasing significantly in the post-COVID era. Also, the ease of modifying family holidays to accommodate more generations is also contributing to its widespread demand.

Why is multi-generational travel gaining popularity?

There are several factors driving the popularity of multi-generational vacations. One of the most important factors is the lack of family time in today’s fast pace world. In many families, both parents work full-time, and the kids are involved in extracurricular activities, sports, or clubs that leave little to no time for interaction. Young adults also have hectic social lives and most of them are employed as part-timers. This has made family time a luxurious commodity. All this combined with a wealthier and healthier baby boomer generation has made it possible for families to make multi-generational vacations a reality.

Multigenerational holidays are also largely pushed by wealthy grandparents with enough disposable income, an energetic lifestyle, and a passion to share stories and make memories with their younger generations. Grandparents often consider these holidays as a way to connect with their grandkids or great-grandkids and a chance to explore the world with them. It gives them an opportunity to learn from and about the young generation and their passions. Many people in the older generation also use multigenerational holidays as an excuse to push their adult children to take a break from the busy and neck-breaking schedules of their everyday lives.

Also, one major predicament that holds back people from taking big holidays is the budget. Wealthy grandparents frequently fund multigenerational holidays, though the opposite is also true. Many affluent baby boomers urge their parents to join them on these vacations.

With the rising popularity of destination weddings and celebrating key events like anniversaries and birthdays at exotic locations, many multigenerational holidays are arranged as part of it. Many families spend a few days extra exploring the location after celebrating the occasion. This is also a pocket-friendly option to have a multigenerational vacation.

Multigenerational Travel: The different benefits

Multigenerational travel has a number of undeniable perks. Some of them include:

Family Bonding

Many families in today’s world are highly disconnected due to hectic schedules and the encroachment of social media into their daily lives. Family members can spend a lot of quality time with each other during multigenerational holidays and get to know each other better. It will also help to generate long-lasting memories for everyone. This applies to both the young and old alike. Multigenerational holidays also remove the stress of playing the host from all family members, leaving everyone relaxed and happy. It also gives everyone the chance to explore the world in their own special style and exchange viewpoints with others.

Help with babysitting

Many parents with young kids face difficulty with babysitting while traveling. They are either too stressed during the travel looking after the kids or will have to leave their kids with their parents for a few days back home. Both of these may not feel like a suitable course of action for many. Multigenerational travel can easily solve this issue by alternating the responsibility of babysitting between the parents and grandparents. If the parents feel like relaxing for a few hours in a spa or sauna, they can easily leave their kids with their grandparents for a few hours. Similarly, the grandparents can also relax for some time when the parents are looking after the kids.

Exploring new things

Though travel is all about exploring new locations and indulging in exciting adventures, many find it difficult to come out of their comfort zones. Traveling with parents and grandparents can provide moral support, especially to kids, to try out new activities.


Multigenerational holidays are a perfect way to strengthen the bond between families, take a break from hectic lifestyles, and improve mental well-being. With the tremendous value it is offering families, many in the hospitality industry consider this trend to remain alive for a long time.

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