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Perepetye songs Vysotsky
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Lyudmila Zykina. The singer who dreamed of flying

Lyudmila Zykina before the scene passed a real labor school – turner, nurse, seamstress. But at the audition in the choir of Pyatnitsky, the 18-year-old Lyudmila was chosen from among 400 contenders. So the oldest choir of Russia became for Zykina the first singing school.

“Honored Ordzhonikidzovets”

“One of the most expensive awards” – the world famous singer spoke about the first sign of distinction in her life. It was an honorary title, which 12-year-old Lucy received while working at the plant during the war. The successful Moscow childhood of a girl from a working-class family ended, as for all children of wartime, in 1941.

She entered the Ordzhonikidze Machine-Tool Plant and helped the front by working as a turner. At the same time, in the Bolshevik Machine Tool Plant newspaper, the girl wrote a note, having received the third working class: “Now, going through the plant, I see the poster“ How did you help the front? ”And proudly think:“ Yes, I am doing work that helps my beloved Motherland.

The debate about the choir
For the first time Lucy sang in public in fourth grade. At a concert in the House of Pioneers, she performed the romance of the “White Acacia Cluster Fragrant”. She sang during the war. After working at the plant, she performed in front of the wounded in the hospital, and in peaceful years in the Cheryomushki club and the Khudozhestvenny cinema.

In the choir named Pyatnitsky Lyudmila Zykina was by chance. Just in 1946, I saw an ad for a set and argued with my girlfriends for six servings of ice cream that she would audition. She ended up in a glorified choir. On the occasion, a young singer met Stalin. He decided once after the concert to take a picture with his favorite band and ended up next to Lyudmila Zykina.

But three years later, a misfortune happened – the mother died at the singer, and Lyudmila Zykina lost her voice. I had to leave the scene. She went to work in the printing house – printed brochures and tried not to lose heart. A year has passed, and the voice again sounded – already on the air. Zykina came to the choir of the Russian song of the House of Radio

Musical baggage
13 years of work in choral groups and victories in many prestigious shows – from the All-Russian competition of young performers in 1947 to the All-Russian competition of variety artists in 1960. Zykina thought about her solo career and in the same year she became the soloist of Mosconcert. In the era of Lydia Ruslanova and Claudia, Shulzhenko tried to remain herself and worked a lot without refusing any concerts.

In the early 60s, Lyudmila Zykina as part of the Moscow Music Hall program is going to Paris. This was the first performance of Soviet pop artists. Only ballet was well known abroad. The press noted an unprecedented number of stars in one concert, and the emigrants sitting in the hall saw for the first time a Soviet singer who performed Russian folk songs in the West.

Mother of the ensemble “Russia”
Lyudmila Zykina toured with concerts the whole Soviet Union and about 90 countries. Once on tour in the United States, famous impresario Solomon Yurok was so impressed with the performance that he advised the singer to assemble her own compact team. In 1977, the singer creates the ensemble “Russia”. Artists called Lyudmila Georgievna “mother”. She led the musicians until the end of her life.

“Musical Baptism” took place in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world – the American “Carnegie Hall”, where the team gave more than 40 concerts. Since then, the ensemble has recorded more than 30 CDs and proudly bears the name of Lyudmila Zykina.

She loved speed and traveling by car. For almost half a century, the driving experience on its own “Volga” traveled around Moscow, Ryazan, Orlovschina, Bryansk, got behind the wheel and to the Caucasus. Dreamed of a foreign car, like that of the famous violinist Leonid Kogan, after he drove the singer on her Peugeot, but her friend, Ekaterina Furtseva, criticized: “Are you perhaps a Russian singer?” Only after many years Lyudmila Zykina moved to Chevrolet.

The singer was married four times. And although the offer of a stately beauty in Chicago was made even by a manufacturer of Russian origin, who owns chocolate production, she chose men without big names. At the age of 22, the singer became an engineer at the automobile plant Vladlena Pozdnova, then became the spouse of the press photographer of the magazine “Soviet Warrior” Yevgeny Svalov, having met him in a trolley bus. The third husband is a teacher of foreign languages, Vladimir Kotelkin, the fourth marriage became creative: Lyudmila Georgievna linked life with the bayan player and conductor Viktor Gridin.

“I didn’t think about fame”
Her voice was called the best in the Soviet Union, and 2000 songs – national wealth. The singer received her first high title of national artist in Azerbaijan. People’s Zykina became in Uzbekistan, Udmurtia, Buryatia.

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